Creating this beautiful wooden bead garland is super easy and adds a little touch to a simple Christmas tree.  


1. Wooden Beads (link for mine) - I used 500 total for a 7' tree which I wanted to wrap 5 times around. 

2. Leather cord (Michaels or other craft supply store) 


Are you embracing a simple Christmas this year?  Here is an adorable advent calendar which is super simple to create! 


1. Candle (I found mine at Target) 

2. Printable Sticker (link for mine) 

3. Download countdown here (via The Merry Thought) 


So many roses and they last for so little time!  The roses looked beautiful this past weekend at the bridal shower, but I was so sad to see them already wilting by Tuesday. What to do with all these gorgeous flowers? When I was a kid, I dried all my bouquets of roses and hung them in my room. Wanting to create a more modern version of my childhood craft, I decided to cut off the stems of the roses and string them on a hemp cord. I don't think it could have turned out more perfect, what about you? 


1. Gather flowers and cut off stems, leaving just a little bit to string. 

2. Using a large eyed needle, thread a string. 

3. Thread needle through each of the stems and hang to dry. 

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